Emmaculate story

Emmaculate lives in a rural part of Kenya, where she helps her family during the vacation time. She studies at the Stare high school and dreams of being a doctor.

NGO Video Projects

Since 2017, I have been focusing on telling the personal stories that resonate with us all.

Mirpur family

A single mother takes care of her children all alone in the heart of the Mirpur slum in Dhaka. Her only work is carrying baskets of stone to earn barely enough to survive.

Story of Shilpi

Shilpi is a bright and cheerful ten year old girl who attends the Chalantika educational program organized for the impoverished children from the Chalantika slum in Dhaka.

Voluntary assignment

Rohingya Crisis

In 2018 I cooperated with NGO ADRA BANGLADESH to document their work amongst the Rohingya refugees

NGO media projects gallery

Since 2017, I have had the privilidge to cooperate with various international NGOs, documenting the positive impact and changes that they make in our world.

Kenya's street children Gallery

I had a chance to visit Kenya in 2017 and 2019 with aim to document the help provided to the homeless children in Nairobi.

Adra Bangladesh Gallery

During my voluntary work for ADRA Bangladesh, I had a chance to document lives of many people who were transformed with the NGO support and help.

Manikganj Flood Prevention

During my stay in Bangladesh, I visited the flood prone area of Manikganj where I documented the impact of floods on the local people.

Documentary film: Father

A story about a slovak missionary, Ivan Duris,  who is working with the street children and  the needy and impoverished families  in Kenya

My short documentary project in cooperation with Lux Communication media.

I cooperated in several projects documenting lives of the street children in Nairobi, Kenya


Street Children

My passion is reflecting light with my camera and giving voice to those who have been overlooked.

Maros Matousek

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