Ft. Ray School for the blind (Thailand, 2023)

A documentary series commisioned for the Father Ray Foundation which provides secure place to live and education free of charge for the blind children from Thailand.

"Father" documentary film (Kenya, 2019)

This short documentary film captures the lives of a small missionary community in Kenya helping the street children in Nairobi. The film was created for Lux Communication Media.

Praise Gate Foster Home (Kenya, 2017)

Documentary series on the lives of the former street children who were given the opportunity to live in a safe and protective environment of the Praise Gate foster home near Nairobi. This project is supported by INTEGRA NGO.


A series of portaits capturing the young children from the Kibera slum in Nairobi in the TAPA school. Children are sponsored by the support of INTEGRA NGO educational projects.

Educational Projects (Bangladesh, 2018)

Media content created in cooperation with ADRA Bangladesh to raise awareness on the various issues connected with the education and improvement of basic sanitary needs for the children from impoverished backgroud.

Rohingya Refugees (Bangladesh, 2018)

A series of photographs depicting the lives of the Rohingya ethnic minority living in the refugee camps in Bangladesh. This work was commisioned by ADRA BANGLADESH.